The village is located northwest of the famous Frangokasteilo at 120m altitude. and at the foot of the peak spikes (alt. 1511m.) of the White Mountains. The village's history and his name due to his brothers even. In 1371 while the Venetians began to build Fragokastello, cheese with leaders of the six siblings spoil the night, what the Venetians built a day. Indeed, because they could not arrest them and had become the fear and terror of the workers, brought the army around the castle, and ships that transported workers at night with boats for safety offshore. Unfortunately after betrayal arrested six siblings and hung as an example, one in each tower and two at the main gate of the fortress. It is estimated that the residents moved to its present location of the village from the south, ie the position are the ruins of the basilica of Aistratigou they found remains of a settlement because of Saracen raids.

The village was the winter home residents Kalikratis. In the 1950s the village operated three factories (mills millstones). There is a district in Prokio. Also in Patsianos belongs settlement FRAGOKASTELLO.

The inhabitants are engaged in farming, olive growing, beekeeping and tourism. The view from the village is apart breathtaking and like in front of the amphitheater, lies the large and fertile plain of Frangokasteilo and the endless plain galazio.Ston mostly cultivated the olive tree and winter legumes, mainly for animal feed.

In the village there is a kindergarten. West of the village is modern mill and operates within the village creamery. Also in the village there are hostels, rooms, bakery and patisserie and west to Sfakia gas station. West and opposite the mill is the Chapel of St. Theodore Tyron hill 'of ornithopoleiou' which was the first church in the village. Celebrated on March 3. It is assumed that the point was city called Xiropolis because of water shortage. At the western end of the village, is a large building-hall, which was originally built for cooperative store but never used, which is to house the cultural multiplex of our municipality.