Churches And Monasteries

There are 4 churches with frescoes inside Samaria Gorge.

(1) St. Nikolaos, 5km after Xiloskalo. They have recently found a small rural sanctuary in the same spot.

(2) Byzantine of St. Maria the Egyptian, after Samaria village. The templon (1740) represents the Saint while receiving Holy Communion by St. Zosimas.

(3) Virgin Mary of Agia Roumeli, in Agia Roumeli village. It was built during the Venetian domination on the ruins of the ancient Temple of Apollo, who was the protector of the city. They used stones from the ancient temple (about 1500 BC).

(4) St. Georgios, where a plate with the crown of Kallergis family is inside the wall.

St. Pavlos (on the east of Agia Roumeli). A church of Byzantine style of architecture, located on the beach near a spring with fresh water. It was built by St. Kir Giannis the Hermit in the honour of Apostle Pavlos, who according to tradition, baptized many pagans when he came back from the island of Gavdos and lived in Crete.

St. Antonios (Pikilassos). It was totally destroyed by Mustafa Pasha.

St. Ioannis (Agios Ioannis)

Virgin Mary (Agios Ioannis). With wonderful frescoes.

Archangel Michael (Aradena). A small, old church of Byzantine architecture, built with stones from the ancient ruins of the city, with very important frescoes and a high dome (14th  15th century AC). It was built on the ruins of a three-aisle basilica church of the 5th  6th century.

St. Georgios, (Komitades). An old Byzantine church with very important frescoes and an inscription dating back in 1314, which was build after the victory of the residents over the pirates. Its frescoes were made by Ioannis Pagomenos and there are quite enough tombs around it.

Virgin Mary the Thimiani (Komitades). A historical church where the autonomous people of Sfakia had held their conventions before 1821 (today, it is a graveyard).

St. Georgios (Kallikratis). Very old, with a number of local traditions, such as that of the well with the 'immortal' water.

St. Nikitas (Fragokastelo). It was built in 1371 AC and it has wonderful unique frescoes.

St. Haralambos (Fragokastelo). Ruined, near the fortress to the sea.

Agios Georgios (Anopoli).

Agios Manolis (Askyfou).

Ag. Apostoli (Hora Sfakion).